Titan Quartz Bath Sinks

The Mitrani innovative and designed collection of fine bathroom titan quartz bath sinks provide inspiring solutions for every decor.

The tasteful design of the collection reveals sophisticated simplicity, precise product detail and versatility, coupled with pure and timeless beauty.

The artistically inspired product range encompass unique design elements and combine a harmonious feel of both modern and classic design.

Titan Quartz is homogeneous material made from natural minerals, ATH, quartz, and polymers.  This solid surface product does not contain any layer of coating or glossing and can be renovated after years of use by only a soft polishing of the surface.

Due to the fact that our sinks are hand polished every sink will have its own unique finish and may have slight variations in sizes

Maintenance instructions for your new bathroom sink:

1. Most deposits can be removed with washing up liquid and hot water followed by a clean water rinse

2. Do not use metal scouring pads or steel wool