Mesa 690

  • Installation - Above Counter
  • Color - Black, Color Collection, Nano- Colored Pattern, Nano- Matte Pattern, White
  • Sink length: 27.17 inch 69 Cm
  • Sink width: 21.26 inch 54 Cm
  • Sink height: 6.3 inch 16 Cm
  • Sink weight: 33.1 LBS 15 Kg

More Information

Titan Quartz lavatory bowls, artistically inspired products complement every design, and combine harmony for both modern and classic design

Titan Quartz is homogeneous material made from natural minerals, ATH, quartz, and polymers.  This solid surface product does not contain any layer of coating or glossing and can be renovated after years of use by only a soft polishing of the surface

Nano Silk Technology allows specialty art and designs to be incorporated onto the surface of our Titan Quartz bath sinks.  During the process, matte areas are created on shiny surfaces, without losing the integrity of the silky smoothness.  This allows us to attach color to the matte areas creating a homogeneous surface.

Product Description:15

  • Model: Mesa 690
  • Material: Titan Quartz
  • Scratch, stain and heat resistance
  • Smooth Clean Surface
  • Outside Dimensions: 27 3/16″ X  21 1/4″ X 6 5/16
  • Dimensions of bowl:  27 3/16″ X 17 1/1″
  • Outside height  6 5/16
  • Weight: 33 lbs.

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