ENT Opal

  • Sink length: 49.02 inch 124.5 Cm
  • Sink height: 22.05 inch 56 Cm

More Information

This excellent shaped bathroom sink utilizes Titan Quartz, a unique natural material.  The combination of sound planning, design and precision workmanship, along with the use of quality material, has allowed Mitrani to develop a unique technology, the “One Piece Vanity Top”.

This new technology has facilitated the creation of the Titan Quartz lavatory sink, it’s location, in one casting, with the vanity top placed precisely.  The technology has facilitated a whole new realm of design possibilities enhanced by a classic clean look.

Titan Quartz lavatory bowls have been designed and created with a varied artistic approach.  A broad range of options are available to suit a diverse spectrum of design tastes.  The range on offer will both enhance your home style with a modern and classic design look, and enrich your home harmony and flow.    

Titan Quartz is homogeneous material type drawn from natural minerals, ATH, quartz, and polymers.  This solid surface product does not contain any layer of coating or glossing and can be renovated after years of use by undertaking a soft polish of the surface.

Product Description:

  • Model: ENT Opal
  • Material: Titan Quartz
  • Scratch, stain and heat resistance
  • Smooth Clean Surface


  • Vanity Dimension Options
  • Inches Centimeters
    37″ X 22″ 94 X 56
    43″ X 22″ 109.2 X 56
    49″ X 22″ 124.5 X 56




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