Nano Silk Technology

Matte or Colored Patterns

Get inspired to design and create your own bathroom look.

Nano Silk Technology has been developed by Mitrani to create matte or shiny surfaces with special customized art and design options available according to a designer’s preferences. In the Nano Silk Technology process, matte areas are printed on the shiny surface, in parallel maintaining the silky product feel throughout the entire surface and the surface’s original features according to the how the product was manufactured.  This unique process allows us to attach the color to the matte areas while creating a homogeneous surface.

Nano Silk Technology can be applied only on Mitrani Titan Quartz bathroom sinks that appear on the site (noted on the site as offering this availability). It can be applied based on a chosen color, with a selection of colors and designs available as noted in the Mitrani Art Gallery, In addition, it is also possible to create your own design according to your taste and style choice.