KBA Stainless Steel

KBA’s modern kitchen sink sinks collection has been created with a great love and deep connection to the worlds’ strongest and most luxurious material – Stainless Steel.

Every sink is created with a detailed attention to optimal design elements along with preserving the unique characteristic of stainless steel elements, allowing us to create the “best of sink” in this material type for you.  Our 32 years of experience have allowed us to meet the highest of worldwide international product standards, backed up by our modern and unique customization manufacturing process.  The sinks have been transformed and are now a dominant piece of jewelry in your modern kitchen product range.  Mitrani is proud to present a large and luxury series of kitchen sinks in this material type.

Key maintenance instructions for your new Stainless Steel sink include;

1. Most material deposits can be removed with washing up liquid and hot water followed by a clean water rinse

2. Staining from tea bags, coffee, red wine etc. may spoil the appearance of your sink and should be avoided.

3. Please refraim from dropping sharp objects onto the sink and dragging metal pots, pans, or cutlery across its surface

4.  Do not use metal scouring pads or steel wool

5. Never use your sink as a cutting surface

KBA kitchen sinks include Cast & Steel coating, a unique technology of casting quartz blend on the outer side of the sink, allowing new advantages and features.  Cast & Steel eliminates noises typical to stainless steel sinks, isolates heat, cold, and moistness at the bottom of the sink and allows extra strength all while maintaining the beautiful clean look of a stainless steel sink with all the quartz advantages.