Installation options

Kitchen sink installation differs based on the choices and preferences of the customer.  Up until the 90’s, kitchen sinks were based on under-mount or top-mount configuration only.  Over the years the market has evolved to include sinks of all shapes, sizes and designs.

Undermount Installation- The sink is installed slightly under the surface of the countertop allowing easy disposal of water through the sink.

Flushmount Installation- The sink is installed between 0 and 2 millimeters under the counter top. This style also allows easy disposal of water from the counter top and reduces the risk of water gathering between the marble and the sink.

Topmount Installation-  The sink is simply placed into an existing opening – an easier option of placing the sink without the need to redo the countertop. This installation type eliminates mold buildup between the countertop and the sink.

Apron Installation-  A double sided sink, smooth and fluted, allowing the sink to stick out of the countertop. These sinks are largely known as Farmhouse Apron sinks and are characterized as large sinks with a warm inviting design.